Why Kids Should Learn How to Swim


Summer is here, and so is the end of the school year. Further, many states are ending their precautionary stay-at-home mandates, led on by the ever-reducing Covid-19 caseloads around the world.

With kids being able to meet outdoors without restrictions for the first time in years, you can bet that the pool will be a busy place. And if your kids don’t know how to swim yet, this is the perfect time to teach them. Here’s why:

They Will Gain Essential Pool Safety Skills

If there are pools around your locality, your kids will probably find their way there, either out of peer pressure or curiosity. By teaching them how to swim properly, you will be equipping them to deal with most of the unforeseen circumstances that may happen in or around the pool while they’re with their friends. You may also want to hire an instructor for the more advanced swimming pool safety lessons.

Swimming is a Great Exercise

Most kids spend their days on the couch, playing video games, or bent over their phone screens.

Taking your child to regular swimming sessions is one way to ensure they’re getting the exercise their bodies require. In particular, swimming for at least 10 minutes a day keeps their cardiovascular systems strong and healthy and also builds up their core strength. Further, the low-impact nature of swimming makes it one of the safest types of exercises anyone can do.

They Will Become More Confident 

As mentioned above, regular swimming will give your kid a healthy, toned body. Moreover, as the child becomes better at swimming, they will naturally become more adventurous and curious and open to trying out new things and maneuvers in the water (and in real life too). Both aspects will lead to increased self-awareness and esteem, making for a very confident kid.

The Mental Benefits are Considerable

Swimming hones one’s motor skills and body coordination and improves the sense of balance. All these fall under the cognitive development umbrella and for young children, improvements in the mentioned skills actually improve the brain’s overall health and strength in the long term.

Your Bond Will Strengthen 

If you can swim, teaching your kids how to also do it is a great way to spend more time with them and strengthen your bond and create some amazing summer memories. Once they get good at it, you can hold regular family swim contests to see who’s the best swimmer.

They Will Have Fun!

Swimming – and generally splashing around in the water – is a lot of fun for children, especially when done with your friends. And after such a gloomy year, you definitely want your kid to enjoy themselves albeit in a safe manner. Teaching them some breathtaking pool tricks and turns is one way to keep them excited to join their friends at the pool.

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