Swimming Pool Additions That Will Help This Summer


Summer is almost here, and we are just a month away before we dip into our pools. But before the pool season arrives, you need to prepare. Understandably, your swimming pool probably remains closed as of now. However, as the temperatures begin to rise in the coming weeks, it is high time you considered spending more time by the water.

Here are a few additions that will help you unwind this summer by the poolside.

Lighting Fixtures

Nothing is more fun and romantic than hanging around the pool late into the evening. The ambiance and serenity that comes with spending time by the pool at night are simply incomparable. However, for you to enjoy this experience, you have to install lighting fixtures that turn on automatically as soon as darkness falls.

The right lighting fixtures can make the difference in boosting your mood and energy levels after a long day at work or school. And if you are trying to cut down on energy bills, you can opt for candles instead. Make sure you place them strategically to light up your entire pool.

Jets and Bubblers

Adding water features around your pool might seem absurd, but these additions can make the difference in creating ambiance and elegance. You should consider adding water features such as waterfalls, jets, and bubblers to your swimming pool area. While waterfalls create some form of ambiance, jets easily generate fun projectiles that spray directly from your deck into your pool. Bubbles, on the other hand, produce a soft cascade, giving your pool a vertical look that is pleasing to the eye.

Loungers and Couches

When making swimming pool additions, you need to set up a comfy place for you and your family to sit and relax as you soak up the sun, make a wish on a shooting star, or admire the night sky. The ideal options for a poolside seating area include loungers, couches, porch swings, and overstuffed chairs. All these choices are extremely viable and affordable since you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to set them up.


Never underestimate the magnitude of what landscaping can do to your backyard pool. Exquisite landscaping features can make a whole difference to your swimming experience. You can start by installing cool ground covers and planting small trees or shrubs to make your poolside more elegant and appealing. You can also plant white flowers or Japanese maples around your pool for a beautiful landscaping touch.

Calming Sound

Whoever said music is food for the soul was probably right. When you listen to good, calming music while relaxing by the poolside, you will feel more energized and rejuvenated. Soothing music has a way of boosting your mood and mind. Listening to music is part of improving your general health and wellbeing and that’s why it is important to set up a unique sound system right by your poolside. You can try connecting Bluetooth speakers or by setting up a sound system by your gazebo or pergola.

Call the Experts

If you need any help with swimming pool additions this summer, do not hesitate to call the pros. We shall be glad to help you.

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