Tips to Get Ready For Winter


Although winter is not associated with outdoor swimming or pool accidents, it still has some high accident figures, mostly caused by lack of visibility in pool areas. Accordingly, it is important to know the recommended winter pool safety tips, even though you will probably not go anywhere near a pool. These include:

Avoid Solid Pool Covers

Yeah, ordinary solid covers are useful in the warmer months but can be a big hazard in the winter. Of primary concern is their often slippery surfaces, which make them very sticky when wet. If a person, or animal steps on the cover unintentionally, the wet vinyl clinging to them could inhibit their movements and increase the chances of drowning.

To avoid this, invest in a safety cover for use in the winter months. And although they are relatively expensive, they can last for years when only used a few months a year. Most importantly, they can comfortably support big weights, which means zero chances of anyone drowning.

Prepare Your Pools for The Season

Since your pool will not be seeing much action in winter, you need to “winterize” it to make it structurally safer for both man and animal, and also to safeguard the pool itself. For ordinary inground pools, the process is quite easy as you only need to install a safety cover and a surrounding fence for added security. The latter is even more important if you have small kids or pets who may be susceptible to temporary bursts of energy.

Winterizing an above-ground pool is a bit of a hassle as it involves removing or wholly blocking any steps or ladders leading to the water. You may also need to install a fence or block access to the entire pool area as the risks and subsequent repercussions of falling from elevated heights are much higher.

Dismantle Portable Pools

If you live in a region that experiences some wild snowstorms during winter, you may want to dismantle all your portable pools (which you will not be using anyway). If left outside, they can easily be moved or overturned by strong winds and end up becoming hazards.

Also, remember to store all the pool accessories in a warm place throughout the winter. Rain and freezing temperatures can easily degrade the metal coatings and inner elements of tools like vacuums, ladders, and hand skimmers.

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