Build Your Dream Pool for Summer

Hot summer vs. a cool pool!


The need to relax by the pool on a hot summer day in Southern California is an experience that we can’t overestimate. Already we have seen the temperatures climb over 90 degrees, and it’s just spring. We think it is time to build your dream pool! We all know the pool is a place to have all your family and friends gather around, or to have a private swim after a long day. So how can we battle the coming hot summer with a beautiful swimming pool?


Step 1: Get the right team to help design and build your dream pool!


Yes, that’s a tall order. But with the right team, dedicated to your needs and producing quality pools and spas, it is very possible to get the experience of your choice. You need someone who will not just listen to you and then get somebody else to do all the work. We want a custom pool designer, pool builder, a pool remodeler, all in one, who can meet all our needs. They can not only talk about building pools and spas, but will make sure that our imagination is a reality! However, that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Phoenix Pool & Spa is here for you! Our team of pool builders must have years of contracting and construction experience to make your dream of  a backyard paradise, with pool and spa, into something real.


Step 2: Location, location, location.


Not the location of your pool, which you have no doubt already thought about. But the location of your team. This is something that is often overlooked when it comes to swimming pool contractors and builders. For example, if you live within the Temecula Valley, then Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, even Fallbrook are all less than 15 miles from the heart of Temecula Valley. That’s a 30 minute drive. How great would it be to have a pool and spa builder living close by? Phoenix Pool & Spa is centraly located and willing to travel to San Diego and Orange County too! Having a pool contractor that is close and in short driving distance is crucial to getting that customized hands-on care. And if the designer and builder lives in the same area as you, then all the better!


Build Your Dream Oasis! Call Phoenix Pool & Spa Today!


There are many more steps to think about, and we only talked about 2. In the meantime, to help with everything from questions on quality and customization to finally getting that beautiful custom dream backyard pool, please don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Pool and Spa! They will be happy to take your call and go thru every step with you. Enjoy your summer pool on a hot day!

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