Things to Consider when Building a Pool

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are new changes and advances in pool design every year. Classic pools pair with formal settings and traditional homes, where freeform pools offer a more modern look. There is not a single pool design will not suit the exact needs of every homeowner.

Have You Considered a Custom Pool Design?

Do you live in an area that only sees warm weather four months out of the year? Have you considered an indoor pool? Regardless if you are going to build an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, the size and space available will help dictate the shape of your pool. What type of activities will your pool be used for? Will you be swimming lap? Some people wish to use their pool for exercise or intense games of volleyball, while others are building a pool for the sole purpose of entertaining their friends and family.

Things to Consider when Building a Pool

Then there is the mater of aesthetics and the feeling you want to bring to your backyard. Do you want the feeling of a private oasis? Do you want accessibility and convenience? What type of building materials do you want to use for your pool? Which pool lights will you use? Another design element to consider is if you want a hot tub?  Hot tubs can be integrated into your pool design, or built as separate water features. And then do you want hardscaping? What about a pool deck?


When deciding to build a custom swimming pool and spa, consider the following:


  1. Consider your available space.
  2. Know your budget.
  3. Consider who will be using the pool the most.
  4. Review how you intend to use your pool.
  5. Consider the landscape setting.
  6. Remember to allocate space around the pool.
  7. Choose pool features.
  8. Choose outdoor furniture.
  9. Choose pool styles.
  10. Make your backyard safe and fun!


Get the backyard of your dreams and consult with Phoenix Pool and Spa! We will help custom design the swimming pool of your dreams. We will help design a swimming pool that fulfills all of your wants and needs. We will help design a swimming pool that fits your budget!


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