The benefits of swimming!

As residents of Southern California, we care about healthy leaving. Whether it’s running, bike riding, or swimming, we love to exercise outdoors. And who can blame us! Just look at our weather.

Swimming and exercise.

If there are any doubts about the benefits of swimming, just go online and type ‘benefits of swimming,’ and you will find article after article. Swimming to get fit, swimming to lose weight, swimming as great cardio. Why swimming is good for women. Or a great way to introduce exercise into our kids’ lives. Even hidden benefits of swimming. A well-known swimming magazine noted that swimming can potentially make you smarter. Yes, any good balanced exercise can increase memory and brain function, and swimming is at the top of the list of great and fun exercises.

Swimming as outdoor exercise!

When it comes to outdoor exercise in Southern California, there are many factors to think about. For example, how hot is it outside? The heat level is significantly different from Temecula to Menifee to Lake Elsinore to Fallbrook. Whether we want a pool in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles or any other county in Southern California, then we need pool builders who understand our unique needs and our weather. Where is the sun based on the layout of the pool? How will the heat or shade effect my backyard and my pool? And what about the spa or jacuzzi? What’s the best spot to place them? Experienced pool designers and builders should quickly be able to break all that down. And if your pool builder lives in your area and knows how hot it gets here, then all the better.

Which exercise do you prefer when it’s hot?

We can do a lot of exercises outdoors. But if you had a pool, build the way you want it, which exercise would you prefer? Swimming is exercise without exercising. Just by being in the pool, we use up our energy, burn calories, and get toned and fit. So let experienced builders in our area build the right size pool, with the right depth and length to do your laps and get your exercise on! Phoenix Pool and Spa are that builder for southern California.

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