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Phoenix Pool and Spa is based in the Temecula Valley. That is why we are your Temecula Pool Builder. Phoenix Pool and Spa has been in the pool industry for almost 25 years. Because of our  experience we are confident that we can satisfy your needs. Throughout the years we have also been building our reputation. Our focus on quality, honesty and customer service means that most of our new projects come from referrals and repeat business and we take pride in that.

Temecula is a great place to build a pool and spa for various reasons. Being located inland and in a valley, it takes about an hour to get to the beach. The nearest water park is also about an hour away. It can be extremely warm in the summer months in Temecula. From August to October it can easily be in the 100\’s. Unfortunately, the school year starts in August. When the kids get home from school it is still very hot and they need a way to cool down. The beach being an hour away is not always an option. Having a pool in your back yard is a great way to cool off. It is not only convenient but also a great form of exercise as well. During the warm months, the pool may be the only way you can get exercise!

Swimming is a great form of exercise because it works out your entire body. If you are swimming laps it works out your legs, arms, shoulders, and more! There are many cardiovascular benefits to swimming because it keeps up your heart rate. Your lungs will also strengthen the more quickly and intensely you breath.  You have the choice to either work out your entire body or work on different muscle groups. You can swim at a leisurely pace or a fast competitive pace.

Phoenix Pool and Spa invites you to start building your pool now so you can enjoy it when those summer months come!

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