New Swimming Pool Temecula

Phoenix Pool and Spa invites you to a new swimming pool Temecula and Murrieta. Where? Your own backyard! Now is the best time to get started on building a new swimming pool in your very own back yard! Having you own personal swimming pool is great for so many reasons! You can personalize how your swimming pool and spa looks. You can have tile, brick, rocks, flagstone, pebble tech, rock formations and more. Want a water slide? No problem! Water slides and water falls are some of Phoenix Pool and Spa\’s specialties! Adults and children alike love water slides. They are a fun way to spend the summer! Sliding into a pool is the easiest way to get in. Waterfalls not only add to the beauty of the pool but are great fun also! You can even have a bench hidden behind the waterfall. It is a perfectly romantic spot in the pool. You can even have waterfall carefully angles so they slowly trickle into the spa or pool. There are so many different possibilities! We also love to create infinity pools. If you have a home that is situated on top of a hill that overlooks a beautiful view, an infinity pool may be a great option to finish the beauty of your view! Let Phoenix Pool and Spa make your pool and spa dream into a reality.

Phoenix Pool and Spa was established almost 25 years ago! We have plenty of experience to satisfy your needs. Throughout these years we have also been building our reputation. Our focus on quality, honesty and customer service means that most of our new projects come from referrals and repeat business and we take pride in that. 

Eric Phoenix has been in the pool industry since 1977 and Alex deCamp has worked in all levels of construction since 1994. Our experience and dedication make us a great team. Our commitment to keeping our good reputation means we limit our business growth to what we can individually design and supervise. You will work directly with us. We look forward to being there for all your project needs!

Serving Southern California since 1990. Call (951) 695-0225 today!

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All new swimming pool construction contracts will include our anniversary promotional offer.  Call us for details!