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Let\’s talk about swimming pool and spa maintenance with your swimming pool builder Orange County.  Be sure to maintain your beautiful backyard oasis with maintenance.  Here are just a few pointers for upkeep to keep your pool clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Upkeep tips from your favorite swimming pool builder Orange County

Clear large particles. Make sure to regularly remove debris from your pool.  Skimming the surface of the pool for floating debris and emptying the skimmer basket takes just a minute or two. Dispose of this waste away from the pool so it will not blow back into the water.  Make sure it cannot be tracked back into the area.  If you have trees and bushes nearby that shed pollen, blossoms, and leaves into the pool, consider trimming them back.  You can also replace them with less messy varieties, or try using non-plant elements that require less attention such as fences, walkways, paving, and lighting.

Clean out the hair/lint catcher in the pump next. First, shut the system off, then close the skimmer valve in front of the pump to hold the water in place so the system won\’t need to be primed again when it is started up.  Unscrew the trap\’s cover and remove the basket, emptying it into the garbage. 

Also be sure to check pH levels.  Make sure to test and correct pool chemistry weekly. Adjust pH first—with muriatic acid if it\’s above 7.6 or with soda ash product if it\’s under 7.4. If the chlorine is below 1 part per million (ppm) or alkalinity is less than 90 ppm, \”shock\” the water: Dissolve chlorine and/or alkaline increaser (baking soda works in a pinch) in a bucket of water and toss in.  (Opting for lithium-based chlorine, which dissolves easily, leaves no residue, and won\’t jar pH).

These are just a couple pointers to help keep your pool area wonderful from your swimming pool builder Orange County!

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