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There are many wonderful benefits to having your own pool or spa.  There is no limit to the different styles for personal pools and spas.  Consult your favorite swimming pool builder San Diego!  The possibilities for pool design are practically endless, consult our pools tab for inspiration!

Tips from your trusted swimming pool builder San Diego

Here are a few of the top features for pool spas.

Waterfalls.  Many people choose to have realistic waterfalls for a relaxing effect suiting a pool area that’s natural, rustic, or tropical in design. Water falling into the spa creates an indulgent feel, and can trigger the ultimate relaxation response. If your pool area is more formal and traditional in style, you might opt for a waterfall cascading down into your spa, a quieter effect that looks magnificent, especially with lights within.

Vanishing edges. Just like an infinity pool, the water in a vanishing edge spa reaches the top level of the spa, creating a smooth view before you, with water falling into the pool below for a waterfall effect. This is one of the top trends in spa design, inspired by infinity pools often enjoyed while on vacation at luxury resorts.

You might opt to add a luxury spa to your existing pool.  Maybe you would like to design your pool area to include a high-style spa.  This adds to the getaway feeling of your backyard pool area, looks impressive, and feels indulgent. Consult your trusted pool builder to avoid a dated look.  Luxury spas are now built into the design of a lavish swimming pool. They can be surrounded by a stone wall and backed by a waterfall. The can be designed to be romantic and relaxing, warmed to your choice of temperature with jets positioned according to your custom spa design.

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