What Do You Need to Do to Deep Clean Your Swimming Pool?


Winter is near, and that only means one thing; your pool will be out of commission for a few weeks at the very least. This provides an excellent opportunity to repair and deep clean the pool to keep it in good condition before spring comes knocking. So, in case you don’t know where to start, here are the key steps to take:

Drain the Pool

You need to properly drain the pool so you can better access all parts of the pool. Generally, above-ground pools are easier to drain, as they often come with an accessible main drain. In-ground pools are relatively harder to drain, but most come with in-built draining mechanisms that you can easily use.

Out With The Debris

Once the water is out, you will most likely find a lot of debris settled at the bottom of the pool, together with sticky soil. Remove the more significant pieces by hand, and use a stiff-bristled broom to loosen and clear the sticky dirt.

Notably, the type of brush you use for loosening caked soil should be informed by the material your pool is made of. For example, use a stainless steel brush if the pool is made of concrete. On the other hand, if it is made of vinyl or fiberglass, you can use softer materials like melamine sponges.

Finish With a Power Wash

Once the debris and most dirt are out, give the pool a good scrub-down using a soft-bristled brush and a sponge to get the rest out. After that, rinse it out by running water over it. Afterward, power-wash the pool by coating it with mild soap, then rinse it off with the power washer until it looks almost spotless.

Refill the Pool

Once you’re done washing and rinsing, it’s time to fill the pool again. But before you do so, give the pool a closer look once more to ensure you didn’t miss anything. If you’re happy with your job, let the water in. Somebody should ideally be done before the first frost falls, as any day after that is likely to be non-conducive.

Alternatively, Hire a Pro

In all honesty, pool maintenance is tedious and frustrating, with deep cleaning being one of the most challenging tasks. It would be best if you had the time and skills to do it right and some equipment like a power washer and pressure washer. All these may make it difficult to do it alone if you are on a tight schedule and budget. As such, you may want to consider hiring a professional pool maintenance service to get the job done.


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