What Are the Advantages of Having a Pool and Spa Combination?


Pools and spas offer remarkable luxurious benefits. You can exercise, play pool games, and enjoy the soothing water with a spa or backyard swimming pool on your property. So, instead of having a separate pool and spa at home, why not install a two-in-one combination? Below are other benefits you stand to gain.

More Functionality for Different Users

A pool and spa combination allows more functionality for every family member. For instance, your kids may want to play in the pool while you enjoy a soothing soak in the spa. On the other hand, you may allow your kids to have fun in the spa while you swim in the pool. This means every family member will have a share of fun moments in the water.

All-Round Annual Use

Summertime is usually the peak moment to use a backyard swimming pool due to the sun’s scorching heat. However, it may be too cold to dip inside the pool when winter sets in. The good news is that a pool-spa combination guarantees all-year use regardless of the season. For instance, a heated spa comes in handy throughout the fall and winter. As a result, you will enjoy a warm soak during cold weather and get the most out of your investment.

Fantastic Design Options

There are several unique design options you will get to choose from. For instance, you can design a spa spillway to enhance the aesthetic appeal and incredible sound effects from spilling water. Alternatively, you can raise the spa above the backyard swimming pool with cascading steps or dropping water channels.

Enhanced Home Serenity

A pool is installed for relaxation purposes and to improve a property’s value and aesthetic appeal. A pool and spa combination will spice up your yard with a peaceful ambiance and beauty. Moreover, whether you prefer a square, oval, or round shape design, you can always customize it to reflect your taste and preferences.

Pool and Spa Combination: Ask the Experts

As you can see, a pool and spa combination allows you to enjoy the benefits of the two. In addition, you will get year-round use, more functionality, and customized design options. At Phoenix Pools & Spas, we offer professional pool and spa installation services at affordable fees. If you want advice or project estimates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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