Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Warm This Fall

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Summer is over, and so is the swimming season – sort of. The chilly, gloomy fall weather means swimming activities will be severely curtailed. The fact that winter comes next after fall makes things even worse.

We can’t do much about most community pools, which are usually closed throughout the fall. But surely, you don’t have to shut your backyard pool too. All you need is to keep it warm and conducive for swimming even during the gloomiest days through the following ways:

Using Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are the most common way to warm backyard pools, and the smaller your pool is, the fewer gas costs you have to bear. They warm the water until it’s sufficiently warm or until you turn it off. What’s more, gas heaters can keep your pool water heated overnight if you’re a morning swimmer.

Admittedly, using a gas heater to warm your pool is not the cheapest of options, considering the high energy costs. Good gas heaters are not cheap, either.

However, letting your pool stay unused for 3 months would be a travesty, as it probably cost you a tidy buck. Additionally, you can’t just stop doing something you love due to bad weather, especially if there’s technology to neutralize the weather conditions. What’s more, you can go for energy-efficient heater models to keep your energy bills under control.

Using Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are a form of pool cover specially designed to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into energy – which is used to keep the pool warm. This heating is done during the day when there’s sunlight, but the blanket still keeps the water warm throughout the night. This is thanks to its bubble wrap design, which provides air bubbles to trap the heat inside the pool.

Apart from their heating qualities, solar blankets prevent water loss through evaporation and reduce the effects of direct sunlight on your pool chemicals. And while some people prefer to buy metal reels to hold the blanket in place, that’s quite unnecessary as the blanket can freely float on your pool’s surface without help. Just make sure you buy a size that fits your pool, as you don’t want some sections to be left open.

Using Solar Rings

If you don’t fancy solar blankets, which admittedly can be heavy, you may consider using solar rings. These are basically ring-shaped, inflatable, clear flat disks that float on your pool water to capture solar energy and then use it to heat water. Just like the blankets, solar rings also keep the pool insulated at night to prevent heat loss.

Moreover, solar rings are highly flexible. They can fit any pool, even those that have unorthodox designs and shapes. They’re also easier to carry and store when summer comes again.

Using Liquid Sun Covers

As the name suggests, a liquid solar cover is a thin layer of liquid (mostly alcohol) that covers the entire surface of your pool and traps heat from the sun. Liquid covers allow you to use your pool even as it’s heating up, and it also reduces water evaporation.

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