Swimming Pool Remodel Temecula

Swimming Pool Remodel Temecula

Does the vision you had for your backyard include more than remodeling your swimming pool and spa? Do you want to change the space around your swimming pool into a more exciting spot? Phoenix Pools and Spa are determined to help you get the backyard you\’ve always wanted! With the Temecula heat, a nice cool swimming pool is just what you need! So why not upgrade your backyard! Whether you want something basic or complex, we will satisfy the desires you have! So make sure you always choose the best swimming pool remodel Temecula! Call Phoenix Pools and Spa to get a quote today!

Swimming Pool Upgrades

Is your swimming pool or spa water becoming more difficult to keep clean? No one wants to sit in dirty water. Upgrading you pool filtration system may be smart! We can install the basic pool equipment, but we also offer new heaters, state of the art salt chlorinators, convenient automated control systems, and more.

Swimming Pool Replaster

Sometimes you notice the surface of your swimming pool water isn\’t as smooth as it used to be. It is normal for the finish to worn over the course of several years. It creates a sandpaper finish that can damage many things. If this begins to happen, we can replaster your pool to fix the problem!

Swimming Pool Plumbing

Have you started to notice any leaking in your pool plumbing? If so, it may be time to install new plumbing to your swimming pool and spa. Phoenix Pools and Spa can replace the old lines and install a new line.

Phoenix Pool and Spa

The best pool design Temecula you can find is Phoenix Pool and Spa! Phoenix Pool and Spa comes to you with over 30 years experience and a commitment to quality. Your dream backyard can finally become a reality! Phoenix Pool and Spa is based in Temecula, but we have designed and built quality pools throughout Murrieta, Riverside, Orange County and San Diego Counties.

If you have any questions, contact us today for a swimming pool remodel Temecula!

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