Shapes, Shapes, Shapes – Which To Choose

Shapes of Pools – What Are Your Choices?

Shapes. Sizes. Costs. Purpose. These 4 different points are all to be considered when designing your pool. Of course price is to be considered, and our purpose. However, maybe you neglected to give proper thought to which shape you should choose. Shape is quite important when placing a new pool into your yard. So then, let\’s consider for starters, 3 different shapes of pools we can choose from.

  1. Rectangle. Rectangle shaped pools are ideal for different circumstances. Are you looking to swim laps, or maybe you have a narrow back yard? If this is so, then a rectangle shaped pool is the correct choice for you. If you are looking to personalize and get creative, rounded corners could do just the trick. And, if you are set on getting a cover for your pool, rectangle is also the easiest option.
  2. Kidney. While the kidney shaped pattern of a pool is not as popular as it once was, some still are inclined to choose it. One key benefit to the kidney shape, is that it can be easy to distinguish a shallow side and a deep side. 
  3. The Figure 8. Much like the kidney shape, the figure 8 creates a unique style while cutting down on space. Also, since the kidney shape is desired, the figure 8 is way more modern for those trying to stay with the common trends.

While there are more shapes to consider, these are just a few that you could consider. Since we all have different circumstances to consider, it is always important to seek the thoughts of a professional. If this is how you feel, then look no further. Phoenix Pools and Spas is just the place for you. Give us a call today and let us assist you in all of your pool needs!


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