Removing Pollen From Swimming Pools


As a pool owner, you want to make sure that your swimming pool stays clean all the time. However, you are likely to encounter pollen in your pool during different seasons when trees, grass, and weeds begin to reproduce. As much as we want plants to reproduce, the pollen that finds its way to our pools can be a real nuisance. It gets worse if you have seasonal allergies. Thankfully, getting rid of pollen is relatively easy. Here are a few ways you can clean your swimming pool and remove allergy-causing pollen.

Make Sure It’s Pollen

Before making any further steps, you must first make sure that the grains in your pool are actually pollen and not algae. Some types of algae are yellowish and look almost the same as pollen, making it hard for pool owners to differentiate between the two. However, while pollen floats on the surface of the pool, algae normally stick to the sides and surfaces under the waterline or collects at the bottom of the pool.

Run Your Filtration System

One of the easiest ways of removing pollen from your pool is by running the filtration system. The filter system will not only get rid of pollen but also remove any other impurities in your pool. The best part is that you do not require any special skills to operate your pool’s filtration system since everything runs automatically. However, you may have to put up with higher power bills if you allow the filter to run around the clock.

Skim the Water More Frequently

Another excellent option for removing pollen from your pool is to use a skimmer net with very fine mesh. A regular skimmer may not do the job, considering that the net may not trap fine pollen particulates. With this in mind, you should invest in a fine mesh head attachment for your regular skimmer net.

Add Aluminum Sulfate

Some varieties of pollen are too fine and may not be removed using a skimmer net. The only way to get rid of them is by adding aluminum sulfate to the water. Pure aluminum sulfate will cause the pollen to form clusters, which are easier to remove using a skimmer net or through the pool’s filtration system.

Shock the Pool With Organism-killing Chemicals

Shocking your pool with a granular oxidizer such as chlorine is another way of eliminating pollen and any other organisms in your pool. However, this method is only ideal when you are not using your pool more often, given that it takes time to work. Preferably, you should shock your pool overnight and give it a good skim the next morning before running the filtration system.

Vacuum as Necessary

Sometimes, the pollen might be heavy, and your mitigating measures might not seem to work to your liking. As a last resort, you should consider vacuum cleaning your pool manually. This will require you to remove water from the pool and replace it after cleaning the entire area. If you are having trouble dealing with pollen in your pool, consider calling a pool service professional. Even though hiring a professional might cost a considerable amount of money, having a clean pool at the end makes it well worth it.

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