It’s a record hot summer in the Inland Empire?

What comes to your mind when you think of the Inland Empire. Temecula wine country? Riverside and San Bernardino counties? How about old Corona and new Ontario? During the last few weeks though, anyone living within Inland Empire is probably thinking about one thing and one thing only. The heat!

I need a pool?

Did you know that there are over 4 million people living within this area? Whether you live in heart of Riverside or San Bernardino, or off the 15, 91, 60 or the 10 freeways, chances are you have felt the heat. Today, it is supposed to be 107°. The last 2 weeks has been over 100° for several days in a row. So do you need a pool in the Inland Empire? Do you need to cool down a bit?

How much does a pool cost in the Inland Empire?

There is a wide range of lifestyles and financial situations within this area. No matter what you budget is, where you live, or what size pool you are looking for, Phoenix Pools and Spa can meet your needs. They have a wide range of experience all over the Inland Empire. Plus, they know the heat that is special to our area!

What else can they do?

In addition to pools, they can customize your backyard to fit your needs. There is nothing like having a beautiful shaded area. Or how about a place where you can lay down, use the sun and get that tan. You don’t need a huge backyard. Just a phone call and a need to cool down.

So give them a call. See what they can do. You have nothing to lose, except a few degrees of scorching heat. And trust us, you will be the envy of your neighbors. After all, this is the Inland Empire and we have lots of hot days coming!

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