Pool Safety Tips for Your Pets

safety tips for pets

We’re in the middle of the winter season, and you’re probably not doing much swimming at this time of the year. However, if you have a home pool, you still need to be vigilant with your pet to ensure they don’t get up to any potentially dangerous mischief around the pool. Below are some pool safety tips for pets that you might find helpful:

Teach Your Pet to Swim

If your pet likes messing around the pool, it’s only logical to schedule swimming lessons for them to ensure they can get out of the water safely if they ever find themselves inside. This especially applies to dogs that love playing with water. You can either do the teaching yourself or hire professional help.

Buy a Life Vest for Pets

Your pets may be well-trained and obedient, but they are still animals and are susceptible to making hasty decisions. For instance, there’s no guarantee that your dog won’t jump into the pool to be with you when they see you enjoying yourself. And even if you took them through swimming lessons, you still need to exercise caution and have them don a life jacket just in case. If possible, avoid online shops and instead shop at a physical pet store, where you can try out different types and sizes of vests to get the most fitting, comfortable, and functional one for your pet.

Exercise Extra Vigilance for Older Pets

Just like people, older pets have less stamina and can easily get tired. They are also more likely to have health problems such as poor vision, arthritis, and seizures. In such a case, it would be dangerous for the pet to stand even on the edge of the pool. Therefore, before taking your four-legged pal anywhere near a body of water, you are advised to pay a visit to your vet to find out if the animal is healthy enough. And for good measure, cover your backyard swimming pool with a net every time you’re not around.

Put Up a Pool Fence

To reduce the chances of unforeseen accidents, consider putting up a fence around your pool. It should ideally be tall enough to prevent unassisted entry by both children and pets. To that end, anything above 5″5′ would do.

The ideal pool fences are made from mesh, wire, or glass, as they provide a view of the pool at all times, and they don’t require much maintenance. That being said, some HOAs prohibit building of pool fences or restrict the type of fences that one can build. It is, therefore, important to check with them first.

Learn First Aid Techniques for Pets

Admittedly, accidents can occur even after taking all the precautionary measures. You should, therefore, make use of online resources, particularly YouTube, to learn about First Aid for pets, especially CPR. This would come in handy if your dog falls in the pool and loses consciousness. You also need to learn how to properly and safely drain water and debris off a pet after saving it from drowning.

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