Pool Maintenance Procedures to Get Ready For Spring


As the spring season sets in, we expect to see warmer days with plenty of sunshine. If you are like most homeowners, you are probably looking forward to spending more time at the pool with family and friends. That’s why you need to get your pool ready ahead of the delightful spring months.

Here are some simple care and maintenance tips that can help you prepare your pool for a season of fun this spring.

Ready Your Tools

Before you open up your pool for use this spring, you need to ensure you have all your pool maintenance tools ready for use. Ensure your pool vacuum, telescoping pole, and brushes are organized and in good condition. This will make it easier for you to deal with any maintenance issues that may arise once your pool begins to experience a bevy of activity.

Remove The Pool Cover and Clean Off Debris

If you’ve been covering your pool during winter, chances are your pool cover has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris. So, when preparing your pool for spring use, you need to wipe your cover clean and drain any water puddles that may have formed. Next, detach the water bags that hold your pool cover in place and remove the cover from the surface of your pool. After that, spread out the pool cover to dry, then store it in a clean and dry location.

Have Your Pool Inspected

When preparing your pool for spring use, you need to ensure that every component is safe and in working condition. Invite a pool inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of your pool and its components, including pumps, filters, and skimmer baskets. If any pool equipment is damaged, get them repaired before opening up your pool for activity.

Reconnect Your Pool Equipment

In case you disconnected your pool equipment during winter when your pool was out of use, the spring season is a time to get them up and running again. Connect your pumps, filters, and heaters and conduct a test run on each component to ensure it works seamlessly.

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If you need professional pool maintenance and construction services this spring, Phoenix Pools & Spas is here to ensure your pool is ready and set for all your planned poolside activities. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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