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Listen up Lake Elsinore! Are you sick of living in a city with a body of water you cant swim in? I have the solution for you! Build a pool and you will never be disappointed again! Conact Pheonix Pool and Spa for the best Lake Elsinore Swimming Pool Designer. We at Phoenix Pools and Spas realize that having a pool built might seem like an intimidating experience, but we assure you that it can be a pleasant one. We will do all we can to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable through the entire process.

With over 30 years experience and a commitment to quality, your dream backyard can become a reality!

Questions to Consider:

  • Why do you want a swimming pool?

The function of the pool will affect the design. We must find out the purpose of the pool. Whether it be for cooling down or entertaining in order to choose the layout.

  • Who will use the Pool?

To accommodate swimmers of all ages and allow for multiple activities, you might want to include special features. Like a shallow area for toddlers, extra grab rails for the elderly, tanning ledges or even underwater speakers.

  • Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

Many builders recommend that soil tests be conducted to confirm the site is suitable for pool construction. Sandy, expansive or rocky soil and other ground factors present unique building concerns. 

  • Where will the pool be located?

You need to know the zoning and building laws for your property. To control water runoff, there may be restrictions on how much of your yard can be covered with decking and in which direction it must slope. Gas, electrical, telephone, cable and water lines may also influence the pool’s location. In like manner, your personal feelings may also affect the location.

Remember to consider how people will enter and exit the pool, where people will congregate and how to maximize sun exposure while minimizing wind exposure, which contributes to heat loss and evaporation.

  • What shape and style will the pool be?

Luxury pool builders suggest choosing a shape and style that complements the architecture of the home and existing landscape.

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  • What special features do i want in my pool?

To maximize enjoyment of your pool, even when you’re not swimming, you can incorporate water features and lighting. Based on how you plan to use your pool, you may also want to consider underwater benches, shallow beach-style entries, a swim-up bar and areas to play water volleyball or basketball. 

  • What other backyard amenities do i want?

When planning your ideal poolscape, list everything you’d like to include, even if your budget does not permit building it now. Some things to consider include a pool house, outdoor kitchen, firepit, outdoor shower, swim-up bar, gazebo and even children’s play equipment.

  • What materials do you want to use?

Although plaster had been the dominant pool surface for decades, elaborate tile mosaics and glass tile provide the artistic flexibility many luxury pool owners seek.

You’ll want to look at the surrounding architecture and landscape for clues about what materials to use. Natural stone pavers and rock waterfalls can help a pool blend into a natural landscape, whereas glass tile and arcing jets of water might look lovely around a home in a contemporary, urban setting.

  • What is your budget?

Figure out your how much you are willing to spend. Phoenix Pool and Spa is happy to provide pool and spa loan options. You can use HFS Financial, LightStream AnythingLoan, or Lyon Financial. This is a secure and simple process for submitting a loan application. You can submit your application either by electronic submittal and / or print out a hard copy application and submit it by fax or mail.

  • Who will build the pool?

We hope you choose Phoenix Pool and Spa because we are the best Lake Elsinore Swimming Pool Designer. We are based in Temecula, but we have designed and built quality pools throughout Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties. Our commitment to keeping our good reputation means we limit our business growth to what we can individually design and supervise. You will work directly with us. We look forward to being there for all your project needs!

For the best Lake Elsinore Swimming Pool Designer, Call Pheonix Pool and Spa today!

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