Keeping Pets and Children Safe When Your Pool is Closed


Having a backyard swimming pool is a dream for many homeowners, and with good reason. A home swimming pool offers endless fun all year round, particularly during the summer. That said, being a pool owner also comes with the massive responsibility of ensuring the safety of the pool area. This is especially important if you have kids or pets, as they are typically at a higher risk for poolside accidents. So, if you plan to close down your pool during winter, taking the necessary steps to mitigate any risks the unattended pool might pose to your kids and pets is crucial.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your children and pets safe when your pool is temporarily out of service.

Invest In a Good Quality Pool Cover

A high-quality pool cover is one of the most essential accessories to invest in if you own a backyard pool. Not only does it help keep your pool clean, but it also minimizes the loss of water through evaporation during the daytime. In addition, a heavy-duty cover can also act as a safety buffer that protects your kids and pets from drowning if they accidentally fall into the pool. However, your pool cover must be in good condition to provide this protection. For this reason, you should check the condition of your pool cover regularly and repair any minor damages. And if the cover is severely damaged, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Install a Fence Around Your Pool

By law, homeowners with pools on their properties must fence them as a safety measure. However, there are no specifications when it comes to the type of fencing that’s needed. This means the design and type of fencing are entirely at your discretion as the property owner. That said, ensuring the fencing around your pool is built in a way that effectively keeps kids and pets out is essential. Make sure there are no spaces on the fence that children and pets might use to sneak into the pool deck.

Start Using a Pool Alarm

Another great way to beef up safety around your pool when it’s closed temporarily is by getting a pool alarm, particularly the floating pool alarm. These devices detect motion in the water, which means they can detect when something or someone enters the pool. Always set the alarm whenever your pool is not in use, even if you haven’t closed it officially. Doing so ensures the safety of your kids and pets and any wild animals that may inadvertently find themselves in your pool area.

Store Your Pool Chemical Supplies Properly

Numerous chemicals and additives are required to clean and maintain your pool correctly. Unfortunately, these products are toxic to humans and animals and can cause severe illness or death when ingested. Ensure you store them safely so children or pets can’t access them.

Don’t Leave Water Toys Around the Poolside

Once you’ve closed down your pool for the season, you should remove any toys, such as water slides and diving boards, from the pool deck. Leaving them there can attract kids and pets, and their eagerness to play with them can cause them to fall into the pool.

In Conclusion

Part of being a responsible pool owner involves ensuring your pool is safe. Applying the tips discussed above will significantly mitigate any safety risks that your children and pets might be susceptible to around your pool area. If you have any other concerns regarding pool safety or general questions on pool maintenance, contact Phoenix Pools & Spas to book a consultation.

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