Is It Safe to Use Essential Oils in My Hot Tub?


The use of aromatherapy oils in the hot tub is becoming more popular every day, thanks to the numerous benefits these essential oils have to offer. Aromatherapy oils can help soothe headaches, relieve muscle pain, alleviate tension, and lift your mood. They have a strong aroma that somewhat alters your emotional state when inhaled.

After a long day at work or in school, there is no greater pleasure than to sit and soak in a hot tub for a while. However, one question remains – is it safe to use essential oils in my hot tub? Let’s find out.


The Science Behind Aromatherapy Oils

Understanding how aromatherapy or essentials oils work can help you know whether or not they are safe to use in your hot tub. Well, these oils consist of aroma molecules that move from the olfactory nerves in your nose to the amygdala, which is a key part of the brain that is responsible for controlling your emotions. When inhaled, the aroma from the essential oils will affect your emotional state as the molecules move from the smell sensors to the brain.

Even though there is no hard evidence on whether or not essential oils can help you cope with conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and eating disorders, many users claim to have benefited greatly from aromatherapy.


Can I Use Essential Oils in a Hot Tub?

Most people use aromatherapy oils in their hot tubs, but experts recommend that you shouldn’t use them at all. While nothing bad will happen to you when you add these oils to your hot tub, the oils can have an effect on your water quality and on your tub.

Just like skin lotions, sultan products, and other body oils, aromatherapy oils are likely to decrease water quality and clarity. Your hot tub will show a coat of oil film, which is unsightly and unsettling to look at, although it is not harmful to the body.

Most importantly, using aromatherapy oils in your tub could clog your filters and lead to a set of other problems that could cost you a lot of money in repairs.


Is There a Better Alternative?

If you must use essential oils in your hot tub, then you should consider going for the “copycat” alternative. The copycat is similar to aromatherapy oils and it works just as well if not better. It is formulated to work in any spa tub or hot tub without clogging the filtration system. Moreover, it won’t leave any oily films or nasty residue in your tub. When searching for the perfect solution, look out for crystallized powders and bath salts.


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