Is It Safe to Invite Friends To Your Pool During the Pandemic?

Many people are wondering if it’s safe to hang out with friends at the pool during the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the restrictions, beach, and pool precautions, and the scarring disease outbreak numbers, it’s such a confusing time, especially with multiple differences and arguments between people regarding the disease. In general, the Coronavirus restrictions are slowly being lifted. Well, does that make it safer for others to join your pool party? It’s best if you consult with industry experts to ensure your pool is sanitized and ready when the right time comes.

So, is it safe to invite others to your pool during the pandemic? Well, here’s what the experts are saying in line with this issue:

Stay in the Water

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently confirmed that there’s no evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic can spread or be transmitted through swimming pools or hot tubs. Even though your swimming pool might be well cared for, there are certain risks that you need to consider when using public pools. These include shared surfaces or mere exposure to a huge number of people.

Since the high number of people increases the risk of spreading the disease, private pools are, therefore, safer compared to public pools and beaches, which normally host large numbers. The US Center for Disease Control is still encouraging the public to maintain social and physical distancing and to employ proper judgment when it comes to risks against benefits. Moreover, avoid wearing masks when swimming, as this is a health hazard. However, you must have one and remember to wear one when you get out of the pool.

Swimming is Safer

Swimming is safer compared to other social activities due to the knowledge that the coronavirus does not spread in the water. It’s far much better if you have your own private pool. But be aware that the virus, however, survives and spreads on dry surfaces such as metal or plastic, and it can last for up to 72 hours.

The coronavirus has also been confirmed that lingers on air for up to 30 minutes. So, remember to maintain the safety measures like sanitizing your hand, wearing a mask, and keeping physical distance while you’re roaming free on dry land.

It’s Safe to Invite Others to Your Private Pool!

Before you invite your friends over for a swim, be sure to keep it sparkling clean and properly treated with chemicals (chlorine). Firstly, the best approach to the maintenance of a clean and convenient pool is to get a field expert. Secondly, this is the perfect moment to care for your pool repairs. Ensure your swimming pool is as clean and well cared for before you start inviting friends during these trying and confusing moments.

Last but not least, a sparkling, blue clear swimming pool will make your friends feel safer and more relaxed when they join the fun at your pool party. Moreover, don’t be in denial. It’s vital to stay positive, but don’t deny yourself the fun due to the risks posed by the pandemic.

In some areas, communities have returned and are pushing to reopen. So, don’t be surprised if you might need to wait a little longer before finally getting together with friends and family.

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