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Do you have a Facebook, what\’s your Instagram name? These are common social media questions if you are asking to follow a friend or even a business on Facebook or Instagram. Many business\’ not wanting to be left out have created Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up with the masses. In addition to social media there are mobile apps that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone for your pool. You may wonder, I already have a pool what do you need a pool app for? To name just a few things the mobile apps can do there are there are mobile apps that can help you to remotely control your pool and spa automation equipment for water testing or there are apps that can remotely control your pools safety covers and liners. All of these are neat and exciting but your first step may be getting a pool built in your own backyard. Take the first step and follow Phoenix pool and spa on Instagram and Facebook and see just a few of the pools we have built in southern California.

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