How to Continue Maintaining Your Pool During the Winter Off-season

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Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained is an important practice for any pool owner. Even when you are not using it during the winter, you still need to keep it in good condition so that you can open it for activity when warm weather returns. So how can you achieve this?

Well, here are some of the top tips for off-season pool maintenance:

Monitor Your Pool

You need to keep an eye on your pool regularly to ensure it doesn’t get dirty. Remove any debris and leaves that may collect on top of your pool cover, and check underneath the cover to ensure that your pool water is in clear and pristine condition.

Balance the Water Chemistry in Your Pool

While most people regard water chemistry as a negligible aspect of pool maintenance, keeping your pool’s water chemistry balanced is very crucial to the health of your pool system. This is because too much acidity or alkalinity can corrode your pool equipment and surfacing. To avoid this, you need to keep the water chemistry in check at least once a week throughout the off-season. This allows you to protect your pool equipment from damage and keep your pool in great condition.

Check Your Pool Equipment to Prevent Freezing

As temperatures begin to drop during the winter season, any excess water in your pool pipes and motorized systems will begin to freeze. This can easily lead to cracks and breakages, which may render your pool unusable. It is, therefore, important to drain out any water in your pipes as the Winter season sets in, as it will help protect your equipment from damage.

Keep Track of Your Pool Water Level

It is essential to monitor the water level of your pool and to ensure that it is correctly topped off. This not only allows you to protect your pump but also keeps the pool primed throughout the season in preparation for warm swimming weather.

Notably, the right level of pool water depends on the climate of your local area.  If you live in a warmer climate where temperatures do not drop beneath freezing point even in winter, you are advised to fill your pool water to the top. On the other hand, if you live in an extremely cold environment, you should maintain a 4 to 6 inch space between your pool water level and your skimmer.

Chlorinate Your Pool to Keep it Clean

Even when not in use,  your pool should be chlorinated in order to keep it clean and sanitized. You should, however, minimize the amount of chlorine used since too much of it may cause an imbalance in the water chemistry.

In Conclusion

Keeping your pool clean in the winter season is absolutely important. Although you won’t be using the pool as much during the cold season, regular maintenance will allow you to keep your pool in good health as you prepare for opening during warmer weather.

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