Does the Weather Impact Your Swimming Pool?

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Yes, it does! Both rainy and sunny weather conditions affect the chemistry of your pool water. And as you probably know, maintaining optimum water quality is essential in ensuring your pool is safe to swim in.

So, what’s the relationship between pool water and weather?

How Rain Affects Pool Water Quality

Whereas light showers may only have little impact on your pool, heavy rains are more nightmarish. Excess rainwater dilutes the chemicals in your pool water, creating an imbalanced concentration.

Rainwater may also wash bacteria, algae, spores, and other debris into your pool. These microorganisms can attack the active chlorine in your pool thereby lowering its effect. Always strive to check your pool water pH after a downpour to determine the adjustments you need to make.

Pool Water Quality on Sunny Days

Hot summer days are the best time to enjoy the pool; the sunlight and heat create perfect swimming conditions. However, during hot weather, UV rays break down the chlorine in your pool faster than on cooler days.

The hot weather conditions also make your pool susceptible to algae. This is because algae thrive in environments that have adequate sunlight and water.

The more the pool is used, the faster you’ll need to treat the water. Apart from chlorine being diluted by the heat, the water may contain oils, sunscreen, and sweat from swimmers. So it is prudent to check your pool water regularly on sunny days.

The Takeaway: Be Mindful of the Weather

While rain may put a halt to your swimming adventures, the sun also poses some challenges to your swimming pool. It is prudent to create a maintenance schedule that ensures you check your pool water regularly. The faster you detect water quality issues, the quicker you can remedy them and enjoy your pool water!


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