Designing a Dream Pool

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Have you always wanted a pool but never got one? When warm weather is on the way, you may be dreaming of the perfect pool to build and enjoy for the hottest months of the year! No matter what age you are or how much you swim, there’s always a great occasion to install a pool if you’re going to use it or love socializing. They can include more care, but they are also really fun and help you to pursue a lifestyle that is overall healthy and active. The memories that you will be making and the option to have your own private pool often prove far too good to pass up!

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, you may want to consider the options available so that you can design the dream pool.

Swim Steps, Sitting Ledges

These are good for swimmers no matter what age they are! This is a practical design option that you may want to take advantage of and decide might be a great feature to have. It can help if those cannot use a ladder or you want to cater to all your guests.

Paving Around the Pool

You may want pavement to keep everything smooth and easy to maintain. Pools often have an area around them for people to walk, Even though the main part is the pool, the area around it is important too. Make it stylish but functional with textured concrete, a popular choice for its affordability and ease. You can also make it something a little more upscale if you want to check out other options.

Storage for the Pool

One part of the swimming pool design that doesn’t have anything to do with the pool is the storage! Storage is where you keep the floats, chemicals, and more. Keep everything together with a little hut or storage space and incorporate that into your plans.

Deep Versus Shallow

Make sure that you know whether you want a deep end or a shallow one too. Every pool comes with its own design, so think about what function your pool will serve and how many people may be involved, and what they’d want. Ask us any questions! Contact Phoenix Pools and Spas and find out what pool designs you could do! We can plan, build, and ultimately install a pool or even a spa. Find out what other services we offer by calling us at (951) 695-0225. Building the pool of your dreams is easy when you take the initiative. You’ve got to be able to look at features and options and find your own vision! Contact us today with any questions or simply to find out more!

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