Change Up Your Exercise Routine With These Pool Workouts


Your pool is an ideal place for practicing low-impact workouts since the water can support your body weight and reduce pressure on your joints. It is also an excellent place to practice familiar exercises like push-ups, especially if you have joint complications. So, if you want to break from your routine, an aquatic exercise in your backyard swimming pool would be great. Below, we explore five effective pool workout exercises you can start today!


A simple walk in the water is a healthy body workout. While walking in water, you’ll notice resistance, forcing your legs to work harder to keep walking. You could opt for a few laps around the pool or a simple back-and-forth movement across the ends.

Back Wall Glide

This exercise is ideal for activating muscles around the core and lower body parts. It is also an excellent workout for the legs since you will use them to apply pressure on the walls.

You only need to hold the pool’s edges with both feet on the walls and your knees close to the chest. After that, kick off the wall while floating on your back.

Repeat the movement for about 10 minutes.

Knee Lift Extension

The high knee lift is also a suitable exercise for strengthening the muscles in the lower body. In addition, it is a great low-impact exercise for those who struggle with impact restrictions.

Stand in the water and ensure it reaches your waistline. After that, lift your right leg until you bend your knee to the water level. Hold that position for 3-5 seconds, then stretch your leg straight for another 3-5 seconds.

Lower your leg down to its normal position while keeping it straight. Then, repeat the same exercise with your other leg until you feel some impact.

Leg Kick

To perform a leg kick, hold the pool edge or kickboard. Then, raise your body higher, aiming at the water’s surface.

You’ll then do a series of flutter, scissors, breaststroke, and dolphin kicks while opening and closing the legs. Repeat your kicks for up to 3 minutes.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are pretty old yet still an all-time favorite for adding muscle strength to the upper and lower body. Stand in water (the water level should reach the chest) and begin your jumping jacks.

A good practice is to put both feet together, with arms on both sides. Then, you can jump with your legs outward as you bring both arms over your head. Do at least one set with up to 12 repetitions for effective results.

A backyard swimming pool workout strengthens muscle groups and enhances cardio fitness. So whether you have knee complications or have trouble maintaining body balance, there’s a simple aquatic workout you can try.


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