Temecula Pool Renovations

Stay Happy in the Heat Phoenix Pools & Spas have being keeping customers happy in the heat with Temecula pool renovations. Swimming pools can give you and your family years of enjoyment. Like most things, a well-built pool doesn’t last forever. After years of use, all pools will need some type of renovation or work.… Read More

Pool Design and Building Materials

Just as each home and each backyard is different, so is each swimming pool is different. They can be designed to fit with your home and backyard in mind. They can utilize different techniques, materials, and can accommodate different environments. We know for example, that Southern California has unique climate and geography. So a pool… Read More

Swimming in Los Angeles County

Swimming in Los Angeles County

Los Angles and surrounding counties are some of the most sought after real estate in the country. There is the east, with Santa Monica and Malibu. The west, going past Pasadena and all the way to Pomona. South, Long Beach and Torrance. The high desert, with Lancaster and Palmdale. And of course, the heart of… Read More

It’s a record hot summer in the Inland Empire?

What comes to your mind when you think of the Inland Empire. Temecula wine country? Riverside and San Bernardino counties? How about old Corona and new Ontario? During the last few weeks though, anyone living within Inland Empire is probably thinking about one thing and one thing only. The heat! I need a pool? Did… Read More

Needing a pool in Orange County?

  So here is something that grabs our attention. In 2016, two interesting things happened with the temperature in Orange County. First, certain parts of Orange County experienced record breaking heat. Second, cooling center were opened for the public. None of this is shocking to Southern California residents who want to stay cool. What will… Read More