4 Parts of Your Dream Pool Design

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The dream of every prospective homeowner is to build a big house with a swimming pool. In any case, having a swimming pool in your compound is the epitome of luxurious living.

As any swimming pool builder will tell you, the design of your swimming pool plays a crucial role in its functionality. Whether you intend to use your pool for fun or exercise, you can fulfill all objectives with the same pool design. Here are a few options for you to consider.

Part 1 – Paving

Investing in the paving around your dream pool is the first step to ensuring safety and adding class to your swimming pool. You should take your time to consider the paving around the sides and on the deck of your pool, as this will affect pool’s overall appearance.

As we head into summer, you can consider adding textured concrete around the pool. However, while this will certainly transform your pool design, concrete is a material that could injure your feet. Other great paving options include, brick, sandstone, bluestone, granite and limestone pavers.

Part 2 – Steps and Ledges

Safety comes first when designing your dream pool. If you have young kids or older family members, who are not very good at swimming, then adding steps and ledges to your pool is an excellent idea.

Steps and ledges provide extra support to swimmers with limited swimming skills. They are also excellent alternatives to ladders, which sometimes might be hard to climb or access.

Including a ramp is the pool design is also a great idea especially for pool owners who intend to age in place, or for those who have to use a wheelchair to access the swimming pool.

Part 3 – Depth of the Water

Swimming can be fun, refreshing and energizing, but only if the depth of the water is right. The amount of water your pool can hold is one of the most important aspects in your dream pool design.

If it’s too shallow, the pool won’t provide the much-needed thrill and excitement. On the other hand, a deeper pool might pose a safety challenge, especially if you have younger children or older folks around, with limited swimming skills.

So, it all comes down to your preferences and the intended use of the pool. You may incorporate three sections with varying depths or consult a swimming pool builder for advice.

Part 4 – Storage 

Storage facilities are also an essential part of the pool’s design. They provide adequate space where you can store your toys, swimming accessories and pool maintenance equipment safely and securely in an organized manner. You can also use it to store your pool cover conveniently when not in use.

Leaving these gadgets, toys and equipment lying around the swimming area can disrupt the overall aesthetics of the pool. They may also pose a safety hazard in case someone accidentally steps on them and falls. Considering all these, increasing your storage potential is very important if you want your pool to serve its full purpose.

If you have any questions or concerns about building your dream pool, do not hesitate to contact a professional swimming pool builder.

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